The WSP1600 DSP core is a high-speed scalar (one instruction per clock cycle)
16-bit integer Digital Signal Processor optimized for audio, multimedia, consumer
electronics, communications, and other high-speed signal processing applications.

The WSP1600 DSP Core's Full Compatibility to Popular ADSP-218X Architecture
  • 3 Computational Units – ALU, MULT/MAC, & Shifter,
  • 1 Program Sequencer,
  • 2 Data Address Generators,
  • 2 DMA Ports,
  • 2 Serial Ports,
  • 1 Programmable Timer,
  • Flag I/Os,
  • General Purpose I/Os,
  • Extensive Interrupt Capability,
  • IO Space Registers,
  • On-core Program Memory (PM) and Data Memory (DM)

The WSP1600 DSP Core's Additional Features
  • Separate BDMA Port and I/O Space.
  • Synchronous Dual-Access PM & DM.
  • Additional Set of I, M, L Address Generator Registers for More Efficient
    Context Switching.
  • Hooks for Larger Register File.
  • Powerful Min & Max Instruction.
  • Hooks for Additional Instructions.
  • Expanded I/Os for Easy Embedding in SoC Designs.
  • All Features Accessed by Standard ADSP-218X Development Environment.
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